Zara Phillips And Mike Tindall's Sweetest Royal Romance Proves Titles Are No Barriers To True Love

June 24, 2019 10:21

In July, the most progressive and unconventional royal couple Zara Phillips And Mike Tindall will celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary.

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Zara and Mike’s wedding was a very relaxed yet extremely special affair. The duo wedded in Scotland which hasn’t happened in the royal family for over 20 years. But how did they meet and most importantly, how did they fall in love?

The royal romance that breaks barriers

It all started with an unexpected friendship that blossomed into a full-fledged love affair. The Queen’s granddaughter and the rugby star met in a dark bar in Sydney, Australia, back in 2003.

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Tindall was just dropped from the team before semi-finals and was drowning his sorrows when a blonde-haired royal angel appeared on a horizon and made his day so much better.

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Mike recalls that fateful meeting by saying:

I just really liked her. It wasn't love at first sight - I wasn't looking for romance. But, naturally, I wasn't unmoved by her. She is a stunning woman. There was something there.

Zara gave her new friend her number and the two met up again when they returned to their homeland. A year after, the pair made their relationship official.

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The rugby star later revealed that everyone kept asking him how he fits in into the royal family but he assured that Zara’s mom, Princess Anne, and her father accepted him with open arms because they are very “down-to-earth.”

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In 2009, the royal hinted that the wedding bells might ring soon and she wasn’t joking. In 2010, Zara and Mike announced their engagement. Today, the two are happily married and raising two wonderful children together.

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In one interview, Zara shared that she and her husband confess their love to each other every single day. Aren’t they are just the sweetest royal couple? When it comes to real love, there are no titles and no barriers.