Orson Welles And Rita Hayworth's Secret Grandson Found Out About His True Identity Shortly Before His Passing

May 29, 2019

Even though Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth’s love story was short-lived, it still was worth its own movie. In 1943, Welles whisked Hayworth away after the busy day of shooting Cover Girl to Santa Monica City Hall where the lovebirds secretly married.

The couple’s union lasted 4 years but it was incredibly beautiful while it lasted. Orson and Rita had a daughter together, Rebecca, who, sadly, passed away in 2004.

Rebecca’s private life was a mystery to everyone, including her own parents. But there was one secret that her famous father had never found out about.

Grandchild nobody knew about

When Rebecca Welles was 21, she got pregnant. In 1966, she secretly gave birth to a son, who was then given away for adoption.

The boy was adopted by a couple from Montana, Carol and Loren McKerrow, and grew up not knowing his true background. He was named Marc.

After giving birth, Rebecca never saw her son again. He had tried to contact her but it was fruitless as she was already seriously ill at that time.

Orson Welles never found out that he had a grandson. Marc passed away in 2010 of a seizure disorder, 6 years after his biological mother left this world.

He was 44 years old and had three children. Marc discovered who were real grandparents were just several years before his passing. We are certain that his children will tell the story of their father one day.