Clint Eastwood Glows With Pride As He Speaks About His Lookalike Son Scott: "He's Doing Better Than I"

May 17, 2019 10:59

When Scott Eastwood appeared on the big screen for the first time, many wondered who is he and why he looks so much like Clint Eastwood. That’s because the two actors are actually related.

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Scott is Clint’s son with flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves. He’s one of the 7 children of the cinema legend but he definitely resembles Clint the most out of all of them.  

Proud dad

Recently, the Eastwood duo had a candid interview with Esquire where they talked about their relationship and career. Scott revealed that he lived with his mom in Hawaii until he “pissed her off” and then he moved in with his famous dad.

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However, Clint says that his son was a good kid because Jacelyn taught him “a lot of values.” When the two started talking about each other’s successful careers in Hollywood, it was evident how incredibly proud they are of one another.

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Clint commented:

I'm happy to see him do well. I'm happy that he's working. He's doing better than I was at his age, and that's the way it should be.

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Scott noted that he takes inspiration from his dad’s movies, saying:

I couldn't be more inspired by the films he makes. His movies are the kinds of movies that I want to be in.

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Even though Scott’s birth certificate says “father declined”, Clint always was a big part of his childhood.

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Growing up on the film sets made the young Eastwood realize that he wants to follow his father’s footsteps and pursue an acting career and he’s doing pretty good so far. We can only hope that one day the two will work together.