Cheeky Duchess! Camilla Parker-Bowles Has Just Totally Stolen Princess Diana’s Look With Her Necklace

May 17, 2019 17:07

It’s hard to find any similarity between Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles, except their hair color, of course. However, there is one thing the two seem to have in common.

Prince Charles’ current wife appears to have a similar taste in jewelry with his former spouse. Both women were spotted wearing gorgeous sparkling pieces that were remarkably alike.

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Recently, Camilla decided to copy Diana again as she donned practically the same pearl necklace the late Princess used to wear.

The royal copy cat

In May, Duchess Camilla joined her royal husband in Berlin as the two arrived in Germany’s capital for a three-day tour. Camilla looked all ladylike and proper but there was one thing that jumped onto us.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Her gorgeous pearl necklace looked very familiar. It’s all because Princess Diana used to wear the one almost identical to it.

Lady Di favored pearl necklaces. She especially liked to wear the choker style ones which had become her signature jewelry pieces.

It looks like Camilla took a particular liking in them as well as she has appeared wearing pearl necklaces on many occasions already.

But tell us, who do you think looks better in pearls?