Paul Burrell Reveals How Meghan Markle Is Spending Her First Christmas As A Royal: "It's A Very Regimented House"

December 25, 2018

Despite being royalty, the British Royal family is very close-knit and values traditions. Joining together for the Christmas holidays is something that they do every year without fail.


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The festive season is very private; this time of the year marks the official break from royal duties and the indulgence in special celebrations.

Guests arrive at Sandringham House while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge usually staying in their own place, Anmer Hall, which is situated just down the road.


On Christmas Eve, everyone is at the 'big house' sharing presents and Christmas cheer. But what is waiting for Meghan Markle on her first Christmas as a royal?

Sandringham’s secrets

Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, has revealed what the royal mom-to-be will be doing on Christmas in Sandringham.

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The Duchess of Sussex will sit down with the rest of the Royal Family to watch the Queen's speech on Christmas Day at 3 p.m. However, Her Majesty won’t be joining her. According to Burrell, she doesn’t like seeing herself on TV.

According to Diana’s butler, Meghan’s royal Christmas will be very different from what she had experienced before. Her day will be planned to a tee and she will be expected to follow a very rigid schedule. Everything, including lunch and games, is always timed to perfection.


Burrell said:

Even on Christmas Day, it's all timed. You can't say you 'feel woozy, let's have dinner later. You have to sit next to someone you've not sat next to before, making polite conversation. There's no opting out.

The 59-year-old insists he knows a lot about the life of the Royal Family and even still has contact with its members. He boasts he can get a message to the monarch anytime he wants and it will be quicker than to his own agent.

Burrell lived at Buckingham Palace for 11 years, but we are not sure the Queen will be running to answer to the former butler.

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