Before Meghan, Rita Hayworth Was The First American Divorcee Actress Who Married A Royal, But It Didn't End Well

November 30, 2018 14:01

For many, Meghan Markle’s story reminds them of Cinderella's. She met a real-life Prince Charming and they had the most magical wedding. Now the lovebirds are expecting their first child together.


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However, while everything seems to be going well for Meghan — as if a Fairy Godmother is looking after her — the lives of other women with similar stories were filled with struggle. Before Markle, Rita Hayworth was the first American actress and divorcee who married a royal, but her life was far from a fairytale.

A royal romance that was never meant to be

Rita Hayworth, Hollywood’s 'Love Goddess', was 29 and married when she met the 36-year-old wealthy prince and playboy, Aly Khan, who was also a family man.

Their romance began at a glamorous party on the Riviera in 1948 where the two were introduced by a gossip columnist. Despite the shock and furor their love affair caused, the couple married in France a year later.


Seven months passed and Princess Yasmin was born. However, by 1951 Rita grew tired of her husband’s affairs and filed for divorce.

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The actress faced a grueling custody fight, which lasted until a car crash took Khan's life in 1960. His highly publicized relationship with Hayworth caused his father, the Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of 15 million Muslims, to reject him.

After her divorce, Rita’s life went downhill. She couldn’t hide from the press, which made public every single detail of her bitter custody battle.

Later in life, Rita was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Princess Yasmin Khan, who was allegedly her favorite daughter, became her legal guardian and cared for her until her death in 1987.

In a later interview, Yasmin revealed that, despite the fact her parents’ relationship was very romantic, it was too hard for her mother to be a Princess because she was just a normal American girl, but she had to follow numerous codes and rules.

Meghan Markle is in the same position right now, but it looks like she is coping with everything very well. We hope that her story will take a different turn from Rita’s and have a happy ending, or rather a happy beginning of a new life as a royal.

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