Prince Harry's Behavior Sends Clear Signals About What Kind Of Father He Will Be, According To Expert

January 15, 2019 14:27

It’s not a secret that Prince Harry has been wanting to become a daddy for quite a while now. He revealed that he is 'obsessed' with children even before he met his lovely wife, Meghan Markle.


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The ginger royal was just 25 years old when he shared how much he loves kids during one of his interviews. Even looking at his interactions with youngsters, it’s evident that he will make a great dad. But what kind of a dad?

The royal’s body language

Parents-to-be Harry and Meghan had a few royal engagements in Merseyside recently, during which the father-to-be demonstrated what kind of parent he is going to be. The body language expert Judi James explained that the ginger royal gives off the vibe of a typical 'alpha papa'.


He clearly acted very protective towards his pregnant wife, which was hard not to notice. Harry took up a leading role, using a 'bodyguard stance'.


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But he didn’t forget about his empathic side as he placed a hand on Meghan’s back, which is known to be the place where pregnant women often experience pain, and gallantly pulled out a chair for her so she could sit.


Judi says:

His raised head and steely gaze plus the way he offers the crowds a rather business-like, low wave of recognition seem to signal he's taking his new role of father-to-be very seriously rather than joking around as he used to do.


When greeting the crowds of well-wishers, Harry continued acting protective towards his wife. James explains:

Harry appears to be more in bodyguard mode here, walking ahead and stretching his left arm back and out to usher and steer his wife along.


The ginger royal’s body language has changed since he found out that Meghan is carrying his baby so it’s not that surprising that he keeps acting in the “alpha mode”  throughout her pregnancy.


Knowing his fun-loving nature, we are certain that Harry will be a great dad and we can’t wait to see the new addition to the Sussex family.

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