Before Marrying Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa Was Engaged To Another Gorgeous Woman

January 10, 2019 18:40

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet is a power couple that has been gracing the red carpet events since 2005. It’s hard to imagine them not being together but there was a time when Momoa’s heart belonged to another woman.


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In 1999, the Aquaman actor fell in love with his Baywatch co-star, Australian actress Simmone Mackinnon. The couple had been dating for 5 years before Momoa plucked up his courage and asked Mackinnon to marry him. But what happened to their romance?

The sweetest proposal

In 2004, Jason proposed to Simmone in the most romantic way ever. The couple was standing on the beautiful Hawaiian headland when our favorite hunk dropped to one knee and asked Mackinnon to be his wife.


The actor planned the whole day to a tee but the moment was so emotional that neither her nor his sweetheart was able to hold back tears.

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Simmone recalls being so happy and ecstatic she forgot to say yes. In the couple’s engagement interview, the actress described her reaction:

I tackled Jason and started giving him kisses, jumping around like a maniac before he got hold of me and asked ‘Simmone, is that a yes?’ Of course it was!


The two lovebirds were blissfully happy and planning to get married in Hawaii. However, their happiness didn’t last long. In 2006, they announced their split after Momoa met his current wife, Lisa Bonet.


Shortly after the news about their break up, Bonet revealed she was pregnant and a few months later in 2007 Lisa gave birth to her and Jason’s first child. The rest is history.


Despite all the drama, Momoa remained friends with his ex-lover, who went on having a lovely family of her own.

Moreover, Jason managed to become friends with Lisa’s ex, Lenny Kravitz, too. To prove their bond, he posted a photo with Kravitz, revealing that he got the legendary singer a matching ring.

How sweet is that? Just look at Momoa’s smile, how can you not want to be friends with him?

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