Human Behavioral Expert Explains Why Carrie Underwood Is An Amazing Mother

January 29, 2019

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher have officially become parents of two! The couple welcomed their second child, another man in the family, on January 21.

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Carrie and Mike named their second son Jacob Bryan Fisher but called him “little miracle” in the post, which the singer shared on her social media account.

Many Underwood’s fans wonder what kind of mother Carrie is and we might have an answer. The human behavior expert analyzed the country star with her new baby and revealed the verdict.

Amazing mother?

Susan Constantine, human behavioral expert and a published author shared her opinion about the singer. According to Constantine, Underwood feels nothing but bliss.

She explained:

When you look at her facial expression, she has the after-baby glow, and it's so pure and innocent. There's this sense of serenity about her facial expression and she has a slight curvature in her smile. No tension - she is completely in bliss.

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The way Carrie holds the new addition to her family also gives an insight into her emotional state. Susan believes that holding a baby to your chest only shows a heartfelt emotion.

She's in raw, mommy mode and is totally enveloped in her baby.

The photo also demonstrates a very rare look for Underwood. It’s not often that we can see her without makeup, which is a shame because she looks exceptionally beautiful.

In September, Carrie revealed that she had suffered three miscarriages in the past two years. But she said that she prayed with all her might when she was pregnant with Jacob and later, the “miracle baby” was born.