“Drama Queen”: Meghan Markle Faces A Harsh Backlash For Complaining About Her Uneasy Royal Life

July 18, 2019

Just days after the new mom Meghan Markle complained that trolls on social media “don’t make her life easy”, here comes another twist. The Duchess is under fire again as some people obviously have another vision of the matter considering Meghan’s complaints.

Uneasy royal life

On Sunday, Meghan Markle took a break from her maternity leave to attend The Lion King premiere with her beloved husband Prince Harry.

Royal watchers were delighted to see the new mom in the spotlight again. At the event, Harry and Meghan took a moment to chat with celebrity guests, including Beyonce, Zay Z, and Pharrell Williams.

While talking to the Duchess, Pharrell Williams praised her and Harry for their “wonderful union” and significant contribution to the life of society.

Meghan responded:

Thank you, they don't make it easy.

By “they’ Meghan obviously meant trolls on social media. It’s not a secret that Harry and Meghan’s every step is widely discussed by the public. The Sussexes were even harshly slammed for their decision to keep Archie’s christening private.

Social media users seemed to disagree with Meghan’s complaints about her uneasy royal life. The Duchess faced disapproval again.

Fans’ comments

We just can’t figure it out why it’s so hard for some people to leave Harry and Meghan alone. Even members of the royal family deserve some privacy. Do you agree?