Another Grace Kelly! Meghan Markle Wanted To Take Her Acting To The Next Level After Marrying Prince Harry, Royal Expert Says

July 12, 2019

A royal expert compared Meghan Markle with Grace Kelly, saying that by marrying Prince Harry the actress wanted “to take her acting performance to another level”.

Another Grace Kelly

A royal expert Hannah Betts took a closer look at how Meghan Markle’s life has changed after she became the member of the royal family.

Betts noticed a striking similarity between Meghan and Grace Kelly. They both started their careers as actresses and reached success in this field.

Just like Meghan, Grace Kelly also had to quit from acting after she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco and became the royal Princess.

However, according to Betts, there is one huge difference between both ladies. It relates to how their life changed after becoming royals.

The expert said:

For Grace, it was the end of her acting career…With Meghan, she is looking to take this to the next level, she is looking to take her performing to another level.

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Prepared to be a royal

The expert added that Meghan’s acting career prepared her to be in the spotlight like all the royals. As we know, Meghan’s breakthrough in Hollywood came after she got the role of Rachel Zane in a popular series Suits.

Betts commented on Meghan’s marriage with Prince Harry:

The fact that Meghan was a star already probably made life a lot easier in terms of their future together.

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