Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi Celebrate National Coming Out Day With The Sweetest Kiss Ever

October 12, 2018

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi celebrate National Coming Out Day with a sweet kiss that makes everyone believe they really belong together.

Ellen and Portia shared a sweet kiss

10 years and counting, but Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are still madly in love with each other. No doubt, they are one of the most iconic celebrity couples in Hollywood.

To mark the National Coming Out Day, Ellen shared a heart-melting photo of her and Portia kissing. The chemistry between the lovebirds is getting stronger over the years. DeGeneres wrote in a caption:

It’s the greatest gift you could give yourself. 

This day indeed has a special meaning for both women as it was not easy for them to reveal their sexual identity to the whole world.

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Ellen confessed in one of her interviews:

For whatever reason, it was a big deal for me to come out. To me, my coming out was the equivalent of if Liberace had come out.

DeGeneres added that, in her opinion, no one should live with a lie or being embarrassed to reveal his/her real nature.

Ellen and Portia are really lucky to have found each other. Looking at this amazing couple, we understand they definitely belong together. Their beautiful story proves that true love has no boundaries.

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