Video Of Donald Trump Leaving Melania Stand In The Rain Without An Umbrella Goes Viral Around The Internet

October 16, 2018 15:04

Attention! We ask all people without a sense of humor to not watch a video below. The video shows Donald Trump leaving his wife Melania to stand in the rain holding his umbrella for himself.


The awkward moment went viral

What we love our President for is his exceptional sense of humor. Donald and Melania Trump have a history of hilarious moments in the spotlight. Recently, they had another LOL situation.

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On Monday, President Trump was captured on camera as he and Melania were on their way to a helicopter to start their journey to Florida.

The weather was rainy, and the President and First Lady had to hide under umbrella not to get wet. At some point, Donald was distracted by reporters. The video shows POTUS leaving his wife stand in the rain as he talks to the representatives of mass media.

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No need to say the awkward moment immediately went viral all over the internet.

People's reaction

By the way, it was not a single awkward moment in Donald and Melania’s relationship history. This one with the Obamas says it all.

This cute ‘umbrella’ video literally blow up the internet. We just hope Melania was not offended and took it as a joke.

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