Jane Fonda Bravely Recalls Her ‘Hanoi Jane’ Regrets And Controversial Activism In Vietnam: “I Was Gray-Listed"

July 16, 2019

In a brand new interview with Vogue, the Hollywood star and longtime activist Jane Fonda sheds light on many things in her life and recalls her sad experience as ‘Hanoi Jane’. What else does Jane Fonda have to say after so many years since the war ended?

Not afraid of criticism

Jane Fonda made her name for herself as one of the most recognized and high-paid A-list actresses. Her successful career deserves admiration, however, there was one thing in her life that still darkens Fonda’s lifetime achievements.

In an interview with Vogue, the Hollywood star recalled the times when she got her fateful nickname “Hanoi Jane.”

When Fonda was asked whether she was afraid of all the criticism she faced at that time, she responded:

When the reality of the Vietnam War was brought home to me by American soldiers, it really just—it blew the top of my head off… I think one of the most important things that happened to me starting at that time was to realize the value of not being alone. I became part of a movement.

"It changed my life drastically"

Jane explained that her trip to North Vietnam changed her life completely in “many profound and beautiful ways.”

She said:

That really sort of turns everything that you feel and know upside down.

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The actress said that people there gave her a preview of the kind of world they were fighting for.

No matter how much controversy there was, I always felt supported and I was part of a group, and that’s a beautiful feeling.

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"I was gray-listed"

When been asked about her ‘iconic’ nickname “Hanoi Jane” and whether she lost job offers or was blacklisted in Hollywood, Fonda responded:

I was not blacklisted. I was gray-listed.

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The star explained there were certain states where her films were refused to be shown. Fonda added that she even received resolutions saying if she came into a state, she would be arrested. Nevertheless, Jane said she was still hired and many famous producers wanted to work with the young actress.

The only thing she regretted was when people thought she was against the soldiers after that controversial photo.

What do you think about Jane Fonda’s latest interview? Maybe now, do you have a totally different way of looking at the situation?