Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Under Investigation: The Royal Couple Has Their Handwriting Analyzed By The Expert

May 16, 2018

The royal wedding is right around the corner, and almost all the preparations have already been finished. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can feel extremely confident about their future life in the palace, can’t they? Let’s ask graphologist Michelle Dresbold what she can say about the confidence of the royal couple, considering their handwriting.

Numerologist's comment

People can’t stop going crazy about the upcoming wedding. Experts from numerous areas try to share their thoughts on the couple’s future, and that is where the celebrity numerologist Glynis McCants comes into play.


After thorough analyzes of Harry’s and Meghan’s numeric connection, the specialist concluded almost ideal match but with a small nuance. The future family will have to work hard to preserve their happy relationship in the state they have it now.

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Handwriting analysis

Michelle Dresbold was also asked to comment on the pair’s life from her perspective. According to the expert, the most precise analysis could be done only in comparison.

With this in mind, here we have two pictures with a month difference. The signatures in the first were taken on March 23 and tell us the drastic difference between the handwriting.


The whip stroke in Meghan’s signature shows the uncertainty in the way she wants to be accepted by the public. On the other hand, Harry’s handwriting is eloquent. His first letter "H" is vividly defined; however, the rest of the name is blurred. This is the way Harry expresses his shyness and tells the public about the unwillingness to be read. Another interesting fact about his signature lies in the upper loop that creates an "X" symbol.

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The cross’ location indicates the childhood trauma, particularly the time the unpleasant events took place. As the symbol is formed on the halfway of the line, it means Harry suffered from something bad at the age of 12-15. It is not difficult to come up with who lost his mother at this exact age.


The second picture, taken a month later, only confirms McCants’ assumptions: The cross on Harry’s signature is still there while Meghan changed hers a bit again.

Meghan's former occupation

Have you ever wondered why Meghan’s signature looks so smooth and soft? Well, the reason for that is simple: Markle used to work at Paper Source store, in Beverly Hills, as a calligrapher during 2000-2005.


Even though she didn’t take part in signing her wedding invitation personally, she has a great experience in doing similar for others. In 2005, she was signing the invitations for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s wedding.

Well, May 19 is almost here, and all we are left with is patiently waiting for the most awaited phrases ‘I do!’ to be said by the royal pair.

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