Picky Granny: Does The Queen Act Differently Around Her Children And Grandchildren?

September 10, 2018 16:36

Queen Elizabeth II isn't only in charge of the great nation, she's also the head of a very big family. With 4 children of her own, the Queen is also surrounded by 8 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. 


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It's not surprising that the Queen has different relationships with her progeny – there are just so many of them! When it comes to her children, Her Majesty is, perhaps, the most close with her oldest son and possible successor, Prince Charles, while her relationships with Princess Anne can be described as distant, mostly due to Anne's desire to keep a low profile.



But as a mother, the Queen is a completely different person than she is as a grandma.

How different is the Queen as a grandmother?

There's no denying Her Majesty adores all of her grandchildren. She's very relaxed around them, and always lights up whenever she's talking to them.


The reason why Queen Elizabeth seems so much more content with her children than her grandkids is, perhaps, her desire to convey her authority, as she had a hard time with her royal status at the beginning of her reign.

Today, Her Majesty is far more relaxed, and can enjoy herself in the company of her family.

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Clearly, the Queen spends most of the time with Prince William and Prince Harry, as opposed to her other grandchildren, but that can be explained by their higher royal status. In addition, it wouldn't be unusual for Her Majesty to favor Prince Charles' sons, considering their close relationship.


Overall, there's less pressure on any grandparent when it comes to their grandchildren as opposed to their own kids. And it seems like Her Majesty's very happy about this fact.

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