What's Up With Kelly McGillis? Original Top Gun Star Overlooked For The Sequel Makes A Rare Public Appearance

June 14, 2018

As the stars of the blockbuster movie, Top Gun, begin filming a sequel 32 years later, one key cast member is missing.

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What's up with Kelly McGillis?

Currently, Top Gun 2 is being filmed at a military base in San Diego, California. But the recent antics of Kelly McGillis make it clear that she has not been invited to join the cast for the sequel.

She was photographed recently around her home in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

She hoped to get a cameo

This is especially sad for fans because in the original 1986 movie, Kelly McGillis, played the character of Charlie Blackwood, Tom Cruise's love interest.

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Clearly, Tom Cruise who is currently 55, without a hit movie in the last few years, is getting his original role as Lt. Pete Mitchell.

But, even when McGillis mentioned in a 2014 interview that she would not mind a cameo role, it would seem that she was overlooked.

Life outside the limelight

If the former actress minds that she was ignored by the casting directors, she is not showing it at all. She has made a life for herself outside of Hollywood.

She volunteers at her local church in Hendersonville, runs a bar, and helps drug addicts and alcoholics get better. Not a bad trade-off at all!

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