Lady Diana And Princess Charlotte Are Now Lookalikes! Fans Can't Stop Comparing Them After Lotti's Last Outing

April 18, 2019

Little Princess Charlotte is amiable, prodigious, and just lovely. As she is becoming older, royal fans continue to argue whom she looks like more and more — The Queen or late Princess Diana. 

Certainly, people make collages and find Her Majesty or Lady Di's childhood photos to prove their side, and it was admittedly hard to define Princess Charlotte's resemblance to one of these iconic women. 

Diana 2.0

The last outing of the Cambridges has more proofs of similarity between Princess Diana and Princess Charlotte. Since Prince William looks like his mother, it's safe to say that little Lotti resembles both her father and grandmother.

Soon-to-be 4 years old, the potential future Queen surprised everybody with her identical looks of late grandma Diana. Royal fans immediately rushed to compare photos, and here's one of the comments: "I used to think she looked like the Queen! Now I’m not so sure!"

Other fans also compared Princess Charlotte to Prince William since he is a carbon copy of Lady Di. One Instagram user wrote, "Twins! They both look like Princess Diana."

Another royal fan added: 

Huge resemblance - which isn’t shocking as Charlotte is very much her daddy who is his mummy 😍

Princess Charlotte is growing up so fast! It's hard to believe she's already turning into a complete personality.

Here are other proofs of Princess Charlotte's resemblance to Lady Diana

If someone is still unsure little Lotti looks like her late grandmother, here are a bit older photos from Princess Diana's childhood. You can definitely spot a lot of identical facial features, so it would be quite wrong to deny their one-to-one appearance. 

So, do you also think Princess Diana and Princess Charlotte are lookalikes or not?