Pushover? A Royal Expert Says Harry Is Under Meghan's Thumb, Something Diana Always Worried About


March 12, 2019 13:09 By Fabiosa

Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became a couple, people have noticed that the Prince has changed a lot.

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Royal watchers point out that Harry’s behavior has evolved, and he has become more serious since he married Meghan. His 'party boy' days are over! At the same time, some commentators and royal experts think Harry has become “grumpy and aloof.”

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In every married couple, spouses influence each other, but does Meghan have too much power over Harry? Royal expert Amanda Platell weighs in.

Harry is making a “huge mistake”

The expert implied that Harry is under Meghan’s thumb, which is not good for his image and his psychological well-being.

Platell said on ITV’s Good Morning Britain:

I think it is a huge mistake for Harry. It is wonderful that he is in love, that he has met this woman, that they are changing, going on a journey together.

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The expert added that Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, knew he might be easily influenced, and that’s exactly what’s happening:

But remember Diana famously said that she knew that she never worried about William because he was sensible and he was bright. She worried about Harry because he was not that bright.

I think that he is very easily influenced and I think it is quite insulting a lot of the stuff he is saying.

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But is it really that bad?

On the other hand, Meghan’s presence has had a positive effect on Harry. Remember how Harry constantly generated scandals in his late teens and early twenties? Today, we won’t hear anything like that, in no small part thanks to Meghan.

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Meghan also cares about her husband’s health. She reportedly helped Harry make his diet healthier, and also helped him quit smoking and cut down on alcohol and caffeine.

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What do you think? Is Meghan a positive or negative influence? Tell us!

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