Queen Had Very Unexpected Reaction When She Saw Kate's Wedding Dress On Display For The First Time


April 17, 2019 10:33 By Fabiosa

Back in 2011, not long after William and Kate's wedding, the Duchess' stunning wedding dress was put on display at Buckingham Palace for visitors to marvel at its beauty.

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Kate’s gorgeous gown was on show along with the shoes she wore for her special day, as well as the breathtaking Cartier tiara and sparkling diamond earrings.

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The dress is the creation of Kate’s now-favorite designer, Alexander McQueen, and is believed to cost over $300,000. However, the Victorian-style bustle with intricate lace detailing and a beautiful satin train was not to everybody’s taste.

The Queen’s didn’t like it

It appears that the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding gown was not the Queen’s favorite when she saw it on display. The stunning number provoked quite a surprising reaction from the monarch when it was shown at Buckingham Palace.

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According to the 2012 documentary, the Queen, reportedly, called the dress “horrible” when she saw it being displayed.

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Her Majesty was given a preview of the exhibition in her home and when she was shown the gown, she can be heard saying:

It is horrible, dreadful!

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But was she really not a big fan of it? Royal author Tim Ewart was quick to defend the monarch, saying that she was likely talking about the way the piece of clothing was displayed because it, apparently, looked ghost-like when put on a headless mannequin.

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It’s hard to believe that the Queen wouldn’t like the gown itself because it was voted as the best royal wedding dress of all.

It is a true masterpiece, isn’t it? And it suited Kate oh-so-well!

Which royal wedding dress is your personal favorite?

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