Will Smith Shares A Unique Story Of Meeting The King Of Pop

July 10, 2018

'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' star’s dream come true

Will Smith shared a story of the one and only time he has come face to face with his idol, Michael Jackson. The opportunity to meet the King of Pop has presented itself at the BET Awards, and it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Suge Knight, the co-founder and former CEO of Death Row Records.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Will Smith shares a recollection of lucky events that resulted in his lifelong dream come true.

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Frenzy, Comics, and the Utility Closet

According to Will, he has almost lost hope of meeting with his hero, until the events at BET Awards took an unexpected turn. The actor recalls that there was a frenzy started by a well-known record producer, the co-founder of Death Row Records and now a convicted felon, Suge Knight. The crowd went wild and, somehow, Will has ended up shoved in some old utility closet with ‘‘mops and interrogation lamps.’’ That was when he heard an unmistakably familiar voice saying: ‘Hey’.

And I turn around, and Michael Jackson is behind me in the closet.

After getting over the shock, Will shared brief comments on the overall frenzy situation with Michael. And then they had a one-of-a-kind conversation about comics. Apparently, Michael used to collect limited edition items, while WIll didn't know much about comic books at the time.

You know, I didn't know any comic books, but I'm here with Michael Jackson, I go on and tell him that.

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Remember the time

Michael Jackson has inspired numerous artists and performers. Being a long-time fan of the King of Pop, Will Smith reminds us of Michael's invaluable contribution to the world's pop music. And he does it in the most hilarious way, complementing his story with subtle impressions of the King. Watch it in the video below.

Will Smith