Kym And Robert Herjavec's Twins Are Only 6 Months Old But They Already Look A Lot Like Their Parents

October 24, 2018

Kym Johnson and her husband Robert Herjavec welcomed twins 6 months ago on April 23. It was a huge deal not only for Dancing with the Stars favorite pro but great news for the entire world.

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Although Robert has 3 other children from the former marriage, he's been extremely excited to upbring two twins - a boy, Hudson Robert Herjavec, and a daughter, Haven Mae Herjavec. For sure, there's nothing more adorable than children.

Little lookalikes

Though Kym got pregnant via IVF, it doesn't change the fact that 6-month-old twins are an identical copy of their parents. The kids are definitely going to kill us with their cuteness thanks to Kym and Robert!

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Are we the ones thinking that all babies look like a teddy bears who just needed to be hugged?

Halloween is approaching

The whole globe is waiting for October 31 to dress up in bizarre costumes, unite with family or friends, and spend an enjoyable day. Halloween in the Herjavic family is no different.

Kym and Robert have been delighted having twins and can't get enough of them. Hence, they decided to support everybody in the upcoming holiday and dress up their little cuties in fancy attire. Check them out!

Let's vote which set of costumes is winning, shall we? Frankly, we are torn between pumpkin and tiger/lion. Let us know which one you'd prefer in the comments below!

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