Joanna Gaines Has Two Look-Alike Sisters Who Have The Same Creativity Streak As Her & Are Just As Famous

July 25, 2019

The Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are known to be nature lovers. They also believe in having many precious children and maintaining a good support system. Turns out, the super mom comes from a big family herself.

Joanna is an inspirational figure to women of all walks. She's a remarkable renovator and no one can beat her at multitasking. Being a devoted mother to five kids feels like an ordeal but, she makes it work. The reality icon has two sisters that are as great as she is.

Her look-alike sisters

Mrs. Gaines happens to be a middle child. The eldest one is Teresa who runs her own podcast on Youtube. Their hobbies are pretty much the same. Although she lives in Austin, Teresa often hangs out with Joanna. They go on double dates, do house-plants shopping, and indulge themselves in late-night decorating.

The youngest one is Mary Kay who Joanna calls as Mickey. Just as her big sister, she is fond of having a big family. She is even ahead and has six children.

When together, they are silly, fun and absolutely supportive of each other. All the sisters relate with one another through their passion for an organic-healthy lifestyle, revamping spaces and dedication to loves ones.

Appearance on the show

Chip and Joanna had also refurbished home in Waco for Mickey and her squad of eight. The big sister was thrilled to have her in the same town and expressed it in an Instagram post. She wrote:

We got to reveal this house to my sweet sis and her family of seven (going on eight!). I can’t contain the excitement — after nine years they are finally coming back to Waco!

Ain't it just delightful to see Joanna's copies? Teresa and Mickey seem just as humble and compassionate. That's some good bonding right here!