Tense Air Between Queen & Meghan Markle? A Royal Author Revealed It All From Their First Meeting

November 20, 2018

What does it take to be a royal by marriage? Well, that's all about to be revealed: The tension, the confidence build-up, the responsibility and the ultimate pledge to uphold the faith in the monarchy!


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Biographer Andrew Morton is known to be a royal author. Recently, he had his eyes stuck on Meghan Markle, who is married to Prince Harry. His new biographical book about Meghan, A Hollywood Princess, features the Duchess's early childhood, her college days, and her fate that led her to meet Prince Harry. It also contains tons of facts that might be unknown to even the most devout Meghan obsessive fans.

Most interesting, he revealed Meghan's first encounter with the Queen. How Meghan felt, her expectations, preparations and, of course, the inevitable nervousness. She mustered up way more courage than anyone can expect and it still led to a tense meeting!

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Recalling the tension between the Queen & Meghan

It was nothing less than the best acting and behavioral performance of Meghan's career. According to Morton, this meeting was the audition of a lifetime. Adding to our imagination, there was no way to rehearse, script, or get a second take in this situation. All had to be live and improvised on the spot. The author described the occasion as tense and rigid. If the Queen had said 'no', then there was no force who could undo this.

As published by Express UK, the Queen might have doubts about Prince Harry, but not about Meghan. If permission would have been asked a few years back, she would have said 'no' on accounts of Harry's notorious lifestyle.

Any possible uncertainty about the outcome of this meeting lay not with Meghan, but with the man she wanted to marry.

Andrew suggested it was Harry who had been, if not on trial, then under close scrutiny. The environment was unpredictable and there was no ease when Meghan confronted the Queen!

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How are things working out between them now?

Short answer: Great! During their first official trip together, the Queen and Meghan Markle showed that they are on very good terms. The British monarch and the Duchess of Sussex had taken a trip to Cheshire via the royal train. The Queen seemed genuinely happy to have Meghan by her side. Give it up for the Royal BFFs!



It's safe to say that Meghan nailed and aced the interview with the Queen. Overcoming that tension is probably the greatest achievement of her life!

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