'They're Overseeing A War Zone': Meghan & Harry Slammed By People For Their Tactless Christmas Card Photo

December 17, 2018

The Sussex couple has been stunning through and through. From their engagement to exchanging vows, everything's been extravagant. This is the reason why people may have elevated their expectations way too high. The pair debuted a minimal approach and it was immediately shut down!


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Meghan and Harry incorporated the festive occasion of Christmas with their fairytale romance. They released a rare portrait from their secret wedding reception held on the evening of May 19 as their official Christmas cards. This magical moment was photographed by the talented Chris Allerton at Frogmore House. With their backs to the camera, their hands were intimately laced together in a lovely embrace while they watched fireworks. Enchanting!

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Social media users slammed the couple

Twitters had a different perspective on this photo. They readily pointed out that Christmas is meant to share warmth and compassion, but their card lacks colors entirely. One even suggested that a quick view of the image makes it look like a war zone rather than fireworks. They deemed Meghan and Harry's choice to be inappropriate and thoughtless. That's some harsh judgment!

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Other royal fans were thrilled about it anyway

Ignoring the colors and alternate sides to the picture, other social media users absolutely adored it. Despite the photo's muted shades, the love between Meghan and Harry was strong. They channeled their feelings instead of judging the canvas!

How would you rate their Christmas card photograph? Share this and let us know your take on it!

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