Gregory Peck's Son Anthony Admires His Dad: "Totally Like The Lawyer He Plays In 'To Kill A Mockingbird'"

January 9, 2019

California born rugged, tall and heroic star, Gregory Peck had gained fame right from his third movie, The Keys of the Kingdom, in 1944. It even bagged him an Academy nomination for his remarkable acting. Such glory was only his start!

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In 1962, Peck hit another tide of applause when he played the role of a lawyer, Atticus Finch in the film, To Kill a Mockingbird. This particular masterpiece based on Harper Lee's novel won him an Oscar, after four previous nominations. Apart from being a fighter of justice, his character also incorporated a sensitive element of being a widower doting father raising his children. What he played is actually what he practiced!

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Gregory's son speaks greatly of him

The power of portrayal in Gregory's acting was generated from his real-life grace. This icon was the most successful and visible actor after the Second World War. His well-reputed screen image described his as the most decent man in the classic Hollywood world. Turns out he held out his chivalry in family affairs too.

In an exclusive interview, his son with wife, Veronique Passani confirmed his dad's noble attributes. Featured on IMDb, Anthony expressed how his father never let him down, saying:

He is totally like the lawyer he plays in To Kill A Mockingbird. Gregory Peck is Atticus Finch.

Gregory Peck was always conveying a quiet dignity, off-screen as well as on. He had one amicable divorce from Greta Kukkonen in 1955, and any scandal never dared to touch him. Hats off!

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Anthony's life under the shadow of a legend


With such a renowned father, one must think that life was smiling at Anthony with glistering content. But, he fell prey to alcoholism and lost his way to happiness. In those dark times, he remembered his father and coped with his demons. Recalling when he was alive, Anthony told Telegraph UK:

He's still a very sensitive person who feels things deeply. Tears still come easily to his eyes.


Truly a gentleman who continued to be an anchor to his loved ones up until his death. Share this and send your respects to late Gregory Peck! 

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