Enchanting! Annette O'Toole's Daughter Is An Unearthly Beauty Like Her Mom & Is Also An Actress

February 8, 2019

It's common for legendary stars to pass on their good looks to their children, but the Hollywood heirs may lack the true essence of their iconic parents. Not in Annette O'Toole's case, though: Her daughter is as enchanting as she is talented!

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The classic diva, born on April 1, 1952, is best known for playing the character of Martha Kent in Smallville. Annette also had the privilege to play the role of Lana Lang alongside none other than Christopher Reeve in Superman III. The gorgeous lady currently resides in Los Angeles with her second husband, actor Michael McKean.

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One could envy her daughter's beauty

The red-haired belle had her first marriage with an actor Bill Geisslinger in 1983. But 10 years later, they both separated their ways. The couple has two daughters together, Nell and Anna. Annette is unbelievably charming due to her Irish-Scottish ancestry, and it seems, she has passed her beauty to her daughter, Nell, exclusively.

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Nell Geisslinger was spotted during the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where she participated in the play, The Seagull. Her ginger hair and blue eyes make her a dead ringer of her mother. In addition to that, her get-up for the performance accentuated the feature she has of Annette's. Truly an enchantress!

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She is also an actress

Nell may not have made it to Hollywood yet, but she is polishing her acting skills all the same. Apparently, she is into theatre arts and does her performances live. Isn't that an upper level to act in front of cameras? The next golden girl is acing it already!

Are you looking forward to her making her debut on the big screen? Cause, she has the package to reach the stars! Share this and let us know if you agree she's totally channeled her mother's essence!

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