The King 'Lives'? Policeman Claims He Has Photo Evidence Of Elvis Presley Getting On A Helicopter

April 3, 2019

More than 4 decades have passed since we lost the king of rock & roll music in 1977. Still, people are not able to get over his demise. Conspiracy theorists remain motivated to prove that Elvis Presley is actually alive.

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Previously, the internet fanatics had the people pretty much convinced he still lives among us. According to those bonkers, Elvis is currently going by an alias, Bob Joyce who serves as a pastor in an Arkansas church. Following this, he should be 84 now. A Facebook page dedicated to this possibility also claims his singing voice matches perfectly with the king.

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A cop says he has proof

Many authors have written the chronicles of Elvis' life but, none of them reached the deserved popularity. Is someone really trying to throttle the truth? According to biographers, their distributors face unusual challenges while selling the book. Sometimes all of the copies are bought by mysterious men in suits. How crazy does that sound!

In the same 1990 documentary on Elvis' existence, a retired Policeman, Monte Nicholson narrated his encounter. As published in Mirror UK, Monte had come across a man who was very close to the King. He showed him pictures of Presley getting on a helicopter with suited Government personal, days after his death.

Unfortunately. those photos were never seen again as the possessor wanted money in exchange. Mr. Nicholson is set to write a book about it in which he will solidify his statement. 

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Public reacted in a comical way

As a mock to these theories, many people responded to it with pure sarcasm. How hilarious! 

Are you the skeptical one or the believer? Maybe, these pieces of evidence are proving something else entirely; We just miss Elvis a lot! Share this and take a minute to commemorate the legend.

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