Mariska Hargitay's Only Biological Son August Truly Scored The Same Good Looks As His Lovely Mom


March 11, 2019 18:26 By Fabiosa

One of the most occupied leading women on television, Mariska Hargitay has her hands full in personal life too. The Law & Order actress and her spouse, Peter Hermann, have three beautiful children together. The couple has gone through a lot to maintain a healthy and happy family.

Look, how great they're doing now!

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Mariska and Peter already had a child whom they welcomed in 2006. But they wanted to grow their family and have siblings for their son, August.

After several years of trials, the pair was finally able to adopt two kids in 2011. They have blessed themselves with a daughter named, Amaya Josephine and, a few months later, a son, named Andrew Nicolas. It was a tough but, inspiring journey for them.

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Mommy's miniature

Their beloved son, August Miklos Friedrich Hermann will be turning 13 this June. So, it's about time we witness how heavily is he morphing into his parents. The young lad is evidently weighing more towards his mother in terms of his looks.

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Handsome boy, August seems very close to his doting parents in all his public appearances. During those hangouts, he has slipped away the likeness of charm to his mother's. His brunette hair and sharp eyes are announcing beforehand that he is mommy's look-alike. Can you see it yet?

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Mariska is acing it as a mom

August was born through an emergency C-Section. She was 42 at the time of his birth and it left her incapable to have more kids. With Amaya and Andrew, she fulfilled her motherly destiny. Mariska has managed to create perfect harmony between her kids and they love each other so much. Scoring high as a mother indeed!

The couple has so much love to give and they have improvised accordingly. Share this and send love to their beautiful family!

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