Who Is Pat Sajak's Grown Up Son, Patrick Jr.? The Handsome Lad Prefers Staying Out Of Limelight


March 11, 2019 11:28 By Fabiosa

Pat Sajak has proved himself to be an allrounder of our era. He served America in the Vietnam War and then diverted his career towards television.

A lot is known about him, while his family life mostly stays in the shadows. That's how we never came across his handsome lad, Patick Jr. Well, until now!

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Making second time the charm, Pat found the love of his life, Lesly, after his first marriage failed. After a long history of friendship, the couple tied the knot in 1989, at Saint Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Annapolis, Maryland.

They have 2 children together: daughter Maggie, born in 1995, and a son named Patrick Michael James, born in 1990. Let's get to know the brilliant kids!

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His grown-up son doesn't draw any attention to himself

The Wheel of Fortune host has managed to give his children a very normal life. Despite having the opportunity they never soaked any limelight. His grown-up son, Patrick Jr. who is 28 years old, has never appeared on any high-profile events with his parents.

Time to sneak a peek!

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The young man is fatally attractive and has acquired some of his father's features, too. We know, right? We should give away the details to you to stalk him online now. But, unfortunately, Patrick Jr. is in a complete stealth mode, having close to zero presence on social media networks. Oh, no!

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His beautiful sister is quite the opposite

Unlike Michael. his sister Maggie doesn't shy away from the cameras. In fact, she is an aspiring singer who is mastering multiple instruments. To date, she has released three singles – Wild Boy, Pretty on the Inside, and If I Was Gonna Go. Give em' a listen, maybe?

Sometimes, staying out of the prying eyes of people is the best option. Do you this Patrick Jr. is following this notion?

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