John Travolta 'Didn't Know If He'll Make It' After Son's Demise: Speaks On How He Coped With It

January 24, 2019

One soul is not enough for the burden of another lost one. John Travolta also went through this tragedy that was beyond his own healing capacity. Fortunately, he got help in shedding the dark parts of his son's memory!

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Travolta's eldest son Jett was pronounced dead during the family's New Year break in the Bahamas. It was sudden as his nanny had found him unconscious on the bathroom's floor. Their 16-year-old boy was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease and was also autistic. With a long history of seizures, this one was proved to be his last.

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Undoubtedly, that must be a scene from hell for his doting father, John. The pain was paved along his long journey of life and he was not sure if he would survive such a trial! 

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How did the heartbroken dad cope with it?

After 9 years of Jett's demise, John Travolta is finally opening up the darkest time of his life. He recalls it as the worse thing ever happened to him and he had no idea about how he will ever survive it. It consumed an entire decade for him to give a voice to his feelings.

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He revealed to Daily Mail UK, how he actually managed to go through the misery. He credited Scientology for his family's recovery, saying:

The church never left our side for two years. I don't know if I would have made it through without their support. Our church is the number one thing that keeps us grounded.

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How's their family doing now?

One answer: quite amazingly! John and his wife, Kelly Preston had welcomed their second son, Benjamin in 2010. Their 18-year-old daughter Ella is entering the Hollywood world soon. To sum it up, the whole squad is now happier than ever!

Even the harshest periods of life are meant to fade by the strokes of time. John's deceased son is no longer his pain but only a sweet reminder of how much he could love someone. Share this and send your prayer to Jett who is gone but not forgotten!

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