Prince William Revealed One Hobby That Prince George Has Inherited From His Late Grandma Princess Diana

October 23, 2018 18:48

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are reviewed by people as candidly delightful during public meetings. They beautifully involve themselves in their lives while having a sincere conversation.

Prince William and his lovely wife Kate met the BBC Radio 1 Teen Heroes at Kensington Palace this week. They diligently heard their inspiring stories. These heroes are incredible young people who are doing wonderful things for others.

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During a brief interview with each of the social hero, Prince William personally interacted with them. He also revealed his own son's particular interests. What the little Prince George is up to?

One hobby Prince George has inherited from his grandma

Prince William was quite absorbed while engaging in an active speech with 14-year-old, Jr. Frood who has initiated his own anti-bullying social media campaign. He has used his dance routine to help in raising over £300,000 for charities. To which the Duke popped up the fact that Prince George also loves dancing just like his late grandmother Princess Diana.

It's amazing to see how indirectly the royal grandson is carrying his ancestral interest. Prince George has a bunch of other hobbies too that roots from his father William!

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Like father like son

During an interview at the BAFTAs, Kate disclosed that little George enjoys watching movies with his daddy, Prince William keenly.

They are just getting into films now. 'Paddington' is definitely up there, and so is 'Coco' now. It's great obviously because of William's interest in films, it's great to have that father-son thing.


Apart from that, the royal father-son duo enjoys skiing as well. On their family tour to Norway and Sweden, they went to the Holmenkollen ski jump. Prince George had tons of fun sliding down the slopes with his parents and little sister, Princess Charlotte. 


What a treat it would be to watch adorable Prince dancing to his favorite tunes. Share and send on the cuteness!

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