Ageless Assets! Jennifer Lopez Stuns In A Revealing White Ballerina Dress On 'The Tonight Show'

December 13, 2018

Hollywood's biggest style icon, Jennifer Lopez has been startling the audiences with her talents for over 2 decades. On top of that, her killer looks at 49. Would this woman ever stop amazing us? 

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She appeared on the 12th of December telecast of the program, 'The Tonight Show', starring Jimmy Fallon. J-Lo excited talked about her ongoing acting projects including, Second Act series. Jimmy then showed her a hilarious fall out of her best friend, Leah Remini on the set. The songster defended her pal saying that it was -20C and they were wearing heels on a pallet platform. The fall was just bound to happen!

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J-Lo's ballerina outfit

Jenny looked thrilled to chat just about anything. For the night, she donned a gorgeous ballerina-inspired white cocktail dress. The princess-like attire accentuated her youthful appearance even more.


Lopez looked bountiful in her ensemble with a revealing neckline. A golden-metal belt clenched at her smart waist and her pearl earrings reflected unearthly light. The dress was a subtle reminder of her dancing skills as well. J-Lo was truly a babydoll taking audience's breath away!


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People wonder if she the keeper of 'Fountain Of Youth'

Magic potion? Mirror trick? What is it that makes her look stunningly youthful? Social media users had many questions to ask her regarding her ageless beauty.

Are you as impressed as all her devoted fans with her youth in the late forties? Share this and let us know how much this superstar dazzles you!

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