Difference Denied! Mick Jagger's Youngest Son, Deveraux Looks Exactly Like His Legendary Dad

December 11, 2018

Mick Jagger has lived life at it's best. Dodging controversies of her colorful and successful youth! In the meantime, the rockstar had solidated his legacy like no other!

With the most twisted family history, Mick is a proud daddy of 8 children from five wives. The 73-year-old living legend also has five grandchildren and a great-granddaughter, who was born in the year 2014. With her current lover and partner, Melanie Hamrick, a 31-year-old ballerina, Jagger fathered his youngest son, Deveraux in 2016.

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The cute baby who has just turned 2 on 8th of December, is 46 years younger than Mick's first child, Karis Hunt Jagger. There is one more thing that is just as interesting as the above fact.

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Devi is spitting image of his father

On his 2nd birthday, pretty boy's mother, Melanie posted a rare photo of him on Instagram. Her love for him was oozing as she captioned:

December 8th 🎉🎉🎉 My incredible beautiful Devi is 2!! 

The most astonishing element to notice was that even at such a young age, he looked just like his father. His hairs were blonde unlike his dad but the texture and sleek look matched hair to hair.  And the eyes were another factor making us startle at the wonders of genes. Can't wait to see this adorable little cub grow up to awe us with his father's striking features!

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How is Mick handling fatherhood at 73?

Mick's brother, Chris Jagger gave a candid remark on advising that the rockstar should now get a vasectomy. In addition to that, he also revealed Deveraux to be the last heir of Mick. Nevertheless, Chris admired the father-of-eight and told Mirror UK:

But whatever you say about my brother he’s very good with kids. He’s a really good father. All his kids love him.


Now that the word is out of Mick not having any more children, we just wish him happy parenting and fun times! Share this if you are amused by his look-alike offsprings! 

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