Bombshell! President Trump Says He Knew About The Cohen Payments But Says The Money Was Not From Campaign Funds

August 27, 2018

On Tuesday last week, former Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen told a federal court in Manhattan that then presidential candidate Donald Trump directed him to make payments to two women who claimed they had sexual affairs with the President.


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The payments in question were to adult entertainer Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal. Cohen further stated President Trump returned the $130,000 he paid to Daniels.


In a Fox & Friends exclusive, President Trump revealed that he did know about the Cohen payments but “later on.” He went on to add that the payments were not a crime, although it has been confirmed that both payments violated campaign finance regulations:

They weren’t taken out of campaign finance. That is a big thing. That is a much bigger thing. Did they come out of the campaign, … They didn’t come out of the campaign.

He knew about the payments

President Trump also mentioned that he tweeted about the payments, insinuating that he had nothing to hide. Also, he claims that as soon as he heard about the payments, he asked where the money came from, knowing there would be problems if the source was campaign funds.

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Is Cohen reliable?

President Trump downplayed his relationship with Cohen, suggesting that he was only one of many lawyers working for him. In the meanwhile, public opinion on the matter is still divided, but many people who saw the video feel the President is guilty of election meddling.

Cohen, who worked for Trump for over 10 years, plead guilty to eight charges, including campaign finance violations. His confession in court implicates President Trump. Federal prosecutors will eventually determine what action to take on the matter, as it involves the President.

The last time an American president was involved in an affair this scandalous was during the Watergate Scandal with President Nixon. Some critics are even using the incident as a reference. Will there be a Trumpgate?

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