"Hero Worship"? Body Language Analyst Sees Different Dimension To Meghan Markle's Relationship With Kate Middleton

July 16, 2018 16:04

The Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex attended the Ladies’ Singles Final over the weekend. Both ladies looked quite pleased at the event and were seen sharing light conversation while they watched the game.

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With Meghan Markle now an official member of the royal family, it looks like her relationship with the Duchess of Cambridge is getting even stronger.

Body language expert Judi James while speaking about both women, said they had a lot in common but still were quite different. Both Duchesses’ are 36, but James says that Markle acts a lot younger. She also gave an insight into her thoughts about the relationship between both women.

While Kate sits smiling as she watches the tennis, Meghan face-checks her closely in what looks a little like admiration bordering on hero-worship.

James suggests that Markle may be working hard to gain approval from Middleton. Analyzing her behavior at the Wimbledon event, James says Markle displayed “almost childlike excitement” in her bid to maintain Middleton’s attention.


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In addition, James said that Markle was “mirroring” expressions and actions of Middleton. Whether they are intentional or not is still questionable, but they seem quite obvious to the body language pro. However, she says that their smiles tell them apart in the end.

While Kate keeps her eye contact down or to the side, Meghan's eyes to the crowds and her dipped head and rather shy, lowered smile forms what is known as The Cute Effect, a trait of using pseudo infantile body language to lower your own status and form instant bonds of likeability.


Before now, some other observers suggested that Markle may be borrowing style cues from Middleton. But fans of the royal see no need for comparisons as they feel that both women are unique.

Surely, both women are aware of the comparisons being drawn about their person, but it does not seem to be affecting their relationship much.

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