Cuteness Overload! This Little Girl Couldn't Hold Her Emotions In Over Meeting Her Idol, Michelle Obama

December 20, 2018 15:33

Do you remember the little 3-year-old cutie Parker, who was captivated by Michelle Obama's portrait at the National Portrait Gallery? 

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Parker's mom, Jessica Curry, didn't expect such a 'wow' reaction, but the girl was so stunned by the former FLOTUS that she couldn't even blink or move. When Obama saw this cuteness, she immediately invited them to the White House.

Well, she isn't the only super fan of the former First Lady!

Another fan 

During Michelle Obama's book tour Becoming, she met her huge fan, 8-year-old Celiste. The girl failed to contain her excitement once she met her idol, Michelle Obama. 

Celiste was jumping and screaming with happiness, and was over the moon when she had a chance to hug the former FLOTUS. Mrs. Obama was very friendly and lovely with her little fan, saying that she gives "the best hugs in the world".

Even in this situation, Michelle found a chance to encourage the girl, saying "smart girls do great things" after asking about her grades at school. Celiste couldn't believe herself! 


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Isn't it incredible how Michelle Obama interacts with kids and always shows her hospitality, friendliness, and respect? 

People's reactions

Everybody found this meeting so cute that they just couldn't pass up the former First Lady's tweet. 

We think that it's adorable! Celiste was so delighted to meet her icon that Mrs. Obama made sure the girl would leave with a sincere smile on her face. 

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