Richard E. Grant Was Left In Tears As He Received A Reply From Barbra Streisand To His 47-Year-Old-Letter

January 31, 2019

Being an Oscar nominee is a huge accomplishment for every artist. Richard E. Grant admittedly knows these overwhelming and venerable feelings.

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The Hollywood actor was nominated for best supporting actor in the movie Can You Ever Forgive Me? He's been extremely flabbergasted over this news, and so are we!

A heartfelt situation 

Almost everyone has an idol to admire and respect. 47 years ago, the Withnail & I star wrote a sensitive letter to his own idol, one of the all-time greats, Barbra Streisand. When just a 14-year-old kid, Richard wanted one thing: to offer a 2-week getaway or longer for the singer and her family at his home in Kingdom of Swaziland in south-eastern Africa. 

After the so many years of waiting, Richard E. Grant finally received a reply from his life-long admiration, Barbra Streisand

The actor was so happy that couldn't even hold his sincere emotions at that moment. He called this situation of 47-year-waiting as "my ‘Message in a bottle’ miracle. 😭😍😇"

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We're happy that Richard E. Grant's dream has come true! Nothing is better than seeing your goals and wishes become reality!

Reactions of fans 

Notably, fans know the feeling of admiring and following someone during a lifespan. And surely, they know that epic moment when their major crush or idol notices them.