Christmas Vibes From First Lady: Melania Reveals Family's Plans And Gifts (Or Not) For Donald

December 7, 2018 13:14

Melania Trump was in charge of the White House's Christmas décor. While some of the interior details were beautiful, the other ones sparked a lot of criticism. 

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FLOTUS decided to install dozens of bright red Christmas trees, which raised eyebrows and people couldn't stop commenting on such an 'elegant' choice. 

However, Mrs, Trump confidently and humorously responded to all criticism claiming that "everybody has a different taste." Moreover, she thinks the trees look fantastic. Well, let it be to your heart's content!

Winter holiday

In the recent interview with Fox & Friends, Melania Trump got candid about the décor, family's plans for upcoming Christmas, and whether she's prepared a gift for Donald. 


First Lady revealed what Christmas meant to her by stating that, every year, all rooms have unique representation, and as we all know this year was a red-themed 'American Treasures' vibes. 


Mrs. Trump still hasn't prepared anything for her hubby since she was 'too busy' with all the decorations and her 'Be Best' initiative. The First Lady stated that sometimes they exchange gifts, but she hasn't thought of any present for POTUS until now. 

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Melania Trump also said what each room represented: starting with bravery, heart and patriotism and ending with patriotic colors that remind us of the American flag. So, there is more sense than everyone thinks, apparently.

Every year is the same

The Trumps know how to have a whale of a time together each Christmas. On a personal note, the First Lady said that their whole family would be coming down to Palm Beach, Florida, to celebrate Christmas. 

Every year, they gather at the Mar-a-Lago clubhouse, a.k.a the 'Winter White House' and spend some quality time together eating, chatting, and exchanging gifts. 

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas since it's just around the corner! Yay!

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