Is 'NCIS' Ziva David Back? A New Super Bowl 'NCIS' Trailer Drops A Major Hint On Her Return

February 7, 2019

Just like any Criminal Minds-lover, we can't stop watching NCIS. Y'all probably remember former Israeli Mossad officer and NCIS special agent, gorgeous Ziva David.

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In 2013, the character returned back to Israel, but after 3 years, she was announced to be dead in a mortar attack at the farmhouse. 

Even though she gave birth to her daughter from Tony DiNozzo, fans couldn't believe that Ziva David would be no longer in NCIS.

Knock-knock, who's here?

We aren't sure you were watching the Super Bowl, but if you were, you must've noticed a swift NCIS ad on the big screen. It revealed that the fans' favorite Ziva David is going to come back to the show! 

© NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (2003) / CBS 

The trailer stated, "You thought her story was over, but the biggest NCIS secret of all will be revealed." Take a look at the full ad below:

Gosh, does it really mean she's coming back? DiNozzo's secret crush, Gibb's favorite one, the beloved Israeli officer, sarcastic, beautiful, smart, and courageous special agent Ziva David? Please, say yes!

© NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (2003) / CBS 

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But bringing the character back to the series would probably be via flashbacks or something like the plotline that is being teased for NCIS Season 16, since Ziva was killed, and Tony remained with their kid, Tali.

What, another farewell?

How many times should we say goodbye to our favorite characters? Multiple rumors of NCIS' last words to agent Timothy McGee have been flying over. 

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McGoogle is seemingly leaving the TV series, and we don't want to say, but...It's time to freak out! Even though the actor doesn't feel like being McGee anymore, we are already hurting from him leaving. 

© NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (2003) / CBS 

Abigail ‘Abby’ Sciuto, Ziva David, and now Timothy McGee...Where's the justice, people? Where?! 

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