"He's Quite The Gent": Katharine Ross Adorably Gushes About Loving And Living With Sam Elliott


March 14, 2019 15:43 By Fabiosa

Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross are probably the most iconic couple in Hollywood. They will celebrate the 35th anniversary this year. Even though they have a common sensibility, they don't stop working at being together, and that's their secret to strong marriage. 

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Sam and Katharine are always seen holding hands, hugging, and gushing about each other, and it literally makes us swoon.

Katharine's true feelings toward Sam

In an industry plagued by on-and-off relationships, Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott represent one of Hollywood’s rare romantic success stories

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Did you know they shared the screen several times before dating in the movies Butch Cassidy and The Legacy? Ross affirms that Sam's perfectionism on the latter movie struck her. Thus, they believe that "working together can help foster a relationship."

None of them denies the fact of their strong and healthy relationship. They believe that going through everything together and working on the negative side will always toughen marriage. The A-list actress smilingly says:

He’s quite the gent. He’s pretty much always nice and gracious; it’s lovely to see and to be around.

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No doubts, Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross are just relationship goals! 

Everything comes at the right time and place

Perhaps, you've already known that Katharine Ross was married 4 times before tying the knot with the A Star Is Born actor. For Elliott, it was the first marriage. They share one daughter, 34-year-old Cleo Rose, who inherited the best features from her high-profile parents.

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Destiny has its own plan, and Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross met at the perfect timing. 

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