Quite Similar: Handwriting Expert Says Donald And Melania Trump Share A Common Personality Trait

July 1, 2019

Donald and Melania Trump spent five days of the European state visit. The presidential couple paid a visit to the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and France. 

Admittedly, the most outstanding moment was the trip to Buckingham Palace in London, where the Trumps met the Queen and several other royal members. The visit was full of Donald's 'awkwardness' and Melania's stunningness. 

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Common quality

Before Melania and Donald Trump left Ireland to France for a D-Day service, the couple left a hand-written note. According to handwriting expert Emma Bache, POTUS classed himself as "superior" while FLOTUS felt "stubborn."

His signature is all angles — he wants others to be in no doubt that he is in charge —  the Alpha Male. He is narcissistic but not physically vain. Stubborn, not impetuous.

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Melania seemingly picked up on her husband's trait and showcased some signs of persistence, too. 

Melanie’s signature seems to have taken on the qualities of her husband’s. She too is no pushover. Stubborn and single-minded.

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Additionally, Donald Trump's handwriting showed he still "put business before personal connections."

The vertical strokes and upright slant implies a stubborn, business-like attitude. This is a man with a plan who is not swayed by others opinions. 

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Do you think Emma Bache is right about the presidential couple's mutual personality trait?

'Father figure'

Lots of people have been interested in Donald and Melania Trump's married life. Some say they despise each other, whereas others claim the two are closely attached.

According to Golden Handcuffs: The Secret History of Trump’s Women, author Nina Burleigh points out that the First Lady chose Donald as a husband because she needed 'father figure' and protection. 

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Although Donald and Melania grew up in different environments, they still share the same values.