Here He Is! Barron Trump Spotted For The First Time Since August In The Same Outfit As His Dad At The White House

November 22, 2018

Being a child of the President isn't an easy task. It implies to say possible 'bye-bye' to typical childhood and adolescence since the media is bound to follow everywhere. 

Barron Trump was spotted last time after returning from the weekend at his Bedminster golf resort in New Jersey to the White House with his parents.


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However, he's quite a lucky boy since the media doesn't stalk him and put in the spotlight, except for some public events. 

Youngest son

Last time Barron Trump was spotted in August when he was coming back from Bedminster to Washington D.C. Luckily, he was seen on Tuesday with his parents as they boarded Marine One in route to Mar-a-Lago for Thanksgiving.

The boy looked very diplomatic and decent walking near the parents in an identical suit as his father's. Well, maybe the only difference was the absence of a burgundy tie, but the rest of the outfit was the same. 

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Barron is only 12 years old, but he always seems such a grown-up, considering that he's already as tall as his father. 

Unlike his older siblings, Barron avoids the spotlight and his parents' public life.

Comments of people

Undoubtedly, Barron Trump is rarely seen in the public eye, so whenever the world has a chance to spot him or read about something, it's already a good day. 

Barron Trump is entirely different from other family members as he is not a huge fan of attention and recognition. He's totally fine and happy living in a quietness and enjoying normal teenager's life. 

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