"Like Mother, Like Daughter": Kym Herjavec Looks A Lot Like Her Mom And This Rare B-Day Tribute Photo Proves It

November 6, 2018

Mother-daughter relationships are usually strong, close, and unique. They say, 'Like mother, like daughter', but Kym Herjavec and her mother are more than that. They have an unusual bond, share similar facial features, and also have similar personalities.

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Kym cannot imagine her life without parents and always tries to spend downtime with them. She's a doting daughter and isn't shy to express her attachment, both privately and publicly.

No matter how old you are, there's always time for family!

A rare photo

The Australian professional dancer became a mother herself 6 months ago. She got beautiful twins that look a lot like Kym and her husband and Dancing with the Stars co-star, Robert Herjavec.

Kym posted a rare picture with her beautiful lookalike mother and twins holding in the arms. She paid a birthday tribute to her, captioning it: "Hudson and Haven are the luckiest babies to have you as their Nanna. We all love you so much."

The mother looks delighted and joyful with her grandchildren. There's a definite resemblance between Kym and her mom: The same bright smiles, traits, and undeniable shiness on their faces throughout a lifetime.

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Probably Kym had a great childhood with her parents, and now she's also trying to pass the same bond and love on her babies. 

Mother's Day

Though Kym Herjavec rarely posts a photo with her family, she still has a strong connection, primarily with her mother. Ballroom dancer thinks it's highly essential to remember parents and spend some time with them.

Once she posted a tribute to her mom on Mother's Day encouraging every person to go out and spend pastime with their mothers.

Kym also thanked her lookalike to believe in her dreams, goals, and passion. She said that her dreams had come true thanks to her mom's belief and support.

Kym Herjavec and her lovely mother are very similar, appearance-wise and mentally, as well. Little is known about their habits, traditions, and secrets, but it's apparent they cherish and respect each other very much.

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