Nature Of The Fashion Queen: Duchess Meghan Chooses The Most Unusual Earrings At 'Smart Works' HQ

January 11, 2019 11:00

Duchess Meghan finally showcased her growing baby bump in a gorgeous $3,000 beige coat on arriving at Smart Works HQ yesterday's noon. Beneath the chic coat, mother-to-be-soon rocked a black midi dress from maternity brand Hatch for $218.

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But there's one detail which probably most of you might have missed while fixing eyes on Meghan Markle's ensemble. Scroll down to see!

Meghan rocks the world 

Indeed, Meghan is not an actual princess in the British monarchy, but she's the queen of fashion, especially when it comes to jewelry. In particular, we're speaking of earrings which pulled in much attention to an expectant mother. 


Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Sussex, chose earrings which are a bit far from the standards of the royal clan since they make 'multiple ear-piercing' effect. The iconic, edgy, and ethical piece of jewelry is made by Kimai, a Belgian brand. 


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The earrings retail at £315 each, so they're certainly not on the cheaper side, but oh boy, they are so cool!

Love and passion 

Since Meghan Markle entered the British monarchy in May 2018 after her wedding with Prince Harry, she hasn't ceased to amuse the world with her fabulous outfits and ravishing jewelry now and then. 


On her visit to Smart Works HQ, royal fans noticed a gold crescent moon ring on her thumb, which she previously wore on some occasions. 

Let us quickly remind you that the Duchess of Sussex has become an official patron of four different organizations, so now she is under the Queen's royal wing. Bravo!

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