Super Exclusive! Meghan Markle Reveals When She's Going To Give Birth To A Royal Baby

December 26, 2018

Meghan Markle donned a dark navy blue outfit on yesterday's Christmas Day Church Service alongside her husband, Prince Harry, as well as her brother and sister-in-law, Prince William and Duchess Catherine. 

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Mom-to-be looked all smiles and delighted, talking and laughing all along with her best friends, who form our favorite Fab Four. 


Though Meghan was dressed up in elegant dark attire, we could feast our curious eyes on her huge baby bump. She definitely looks brilliant with pregnancy glow! 

When is the due date? 

After Christmas Service, the Dukes and Duchesses were pleased to meet royal fans, who were loyally and honorably waiting for their icons to come up to them. 

As Meghan Markle approached one fan, the girl, Karen Anvil, bravely and sweetly asked, "Are you excited to the birth of your baby, Meghan?

All eyes were on Duchess, and all ears didn't hear anything, except for her answer, "We're nearly there!" She was also showing off her baby bump, cradling at the same time. 

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Oh boy, we can't sit still! We are thrilled to meet a royal boy or a girl down the line, and can't stop gushing over Meghan and Harry. 

Previous information 

We told you before about the sugged due date of Meghan's childbirth. A hair expert, Jane Mayhead, revealed that the Duchess' thick hair could say a lot about the due date. 


Expectant mothers get a scrumptious volume boost in their hair around three-thirds of the way into pregnancy. In the recent public events, we can notice her enormous hair volume, which she is bound to do in hair-up styles. So, probably the former Suits star is expecting a baby in early March than late spring. 


We are over the moon! Are you with us? 

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