"They Look Fantastic": Melania Trump Responds To The Critics Of The White House Christmas Decorations

November 30, 2018 14:23

Recently, people were slamming and ridiculing Melania Trump for unusual Christmas decorations at the White House. 

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FLOTUS is obsessed with such things and each year, she chooses something different. The theme of this year is a slightly (or not) creepy interpretation of American Treasures. The White House explained that red color is a symbol of bravery and valor. 

Well, maybe Mrs. Trump had only pure intentions. The world didn't accept it very well whatsoever, making fun of her choice and comparing the decorations to numerous horror scenes. 

Confident respond 

Take it or leave it, but the First Lady usually knows how to answer directly, which probably cause even more comments and criticism. She gave her a definite answer in the recent interview at LibertyU:

We live in the XXI century, and everybody has a different taste. I think they [red Christmas trees] look fantastic *laughing out loud*. In real life, they even more beautiful, and you all are very welcome to the White House, the People's House. 

Melania Trump looked pleased and persistent in her choice and isn't going to 'obey' peoples' opinions and critics regarding her activities, tastes, and lifestyle.

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Well, that's right, isn't it? Why should we listen to somebody's opinions?


It brings so much joy to read different points of views and ideas, even if they don't match with others. In fact, those people who don't judge every Melania's step (due to the politics or anything like that), openly admire and support her choice. 

We are thrilled to see what Melania Trump will make next Christmas! What will there be instead of red trees? The statues of the Grinch? Well, let's see!

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