Was It Too Much, Camilla? Once, The Duchess Appeared In A Gown With A Very Deep Décolleté At A Charity Gala


March 14, 2019 14:44 By Fabiosa

A long way before entering the British royal family, Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles paid a visit to Vogue & Jaguar 'Its Fashion' charity gala in 2001. Both arrived in separate cards upon the arrival but entered the gala side by side.

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The remarkable night was full of A-list guests from the worlds of fashion, film, and music. 

What's wrong with this dress?

Usually, royals are supposed to be diligent and demure with their clothes. Well, they can opt for bright colors, but the length and the type of neckline should be far from flashy. 

Duchess Camilla wore a vintage silver-and-dusty Antony Price dress with a green-and-pink print and a very deep décolleté inspired by the 1930s. He described the gown as "morning mist over peonies in a meadow". 

The floor-length dress set off a diamond and silver necklace, which is said to be a family heirloom.

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Do you think the Queen would approve such 'showy' style? Maybe, the dress itself was fashionable at that time, but that revealing cutout is too much. 

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Probably, that's why Camilla doesn't wear such outfits any longer, being all royally. 

But wait, here's something else

That silver-and-dusty pink dress wasn't the only weird choice in style. Camilla Parker-Bowles was seemingly far from the fashion industry. You can look at another outfit below. 

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Even the royals have made decisions that are better be put down. But the royal fans are always curious about any mishaps or strange outings, and hence, share their emotions and mockery on social media.

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Well, well, well...That's really good she makes better outfit choices nowadays!

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