5 Important Lessons In Marriage Relationships From Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban

December 3, 2018 19:10

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are one of the best couples. They show love, passion, support, respect, tenderness, and the bond between each other. 

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This summer the lovebirds celebrated 12 years of marriage. The couple first met in 2005, and one year later, the singer proposed to his sweetheart. 

Though they had own ups and down which almost led to the divorce, the most passionate couple decided to stay together forever. Today, Keith and Nicole raise two beautiful daughters, who look a lot like them. 

5 lessons everybody can learn from them 

It is no wonder that Keith and Nicole aren't shy to show PDA in public. They never show excessive touching, but holding hands or hugging is their 'thing'. 

1. "I love you" is the top word, even if you say it 100 times a day. 


If you look at Urban and Kidman's photos or words, nine out of ten, you can find a word 'love' in their posts. Moreover, they confidently claim in their interviews and red carpet appearances that they adore each other and lavish each other with love.

2. Small gestures bring people closer. 


When on any public appearances, Keith and Nicole always hold hands as if they are afraid of letting each other go for a second. Moreover, the country singer can kiss his wife's cheek or squeeze her as a baby. Earlier this year, Kidman said:

When my cheek is against yours, everything melts away — and that is love.

3. Showing your care on the miles away is the love goals. 


It's no question that the couple is far away due to Nicole's movie scenes or Keith's concerts from time to time. But it doesn't mean they do not leave everything behind just to show care and support. Once the Big Little Lies star had to fly to 2017 BAFTA award ceremony in the UK while Keith was in the USA. Instead of being upset, the Aussie actress told that she would be face timing her hubby and hoping for his win. 

4. Be funny and silly with each other. 

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Though the couple is into the career, which requires responsibility and seriousness, fun is always a good time for them. Whether they play with daughters at their home in Nashville or spending quality time on Syndey beach, they know how to mess around. On Halloween, they usually post photos in the costumes for teenagers, and it makes them look so childish and adorable. 

5. Never stop supporting each other's accomplishments and success. 


Since Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are worldwide stars, they undoubtedly gain fame. Recently Keith won the Entertainment of the Year award, and the Aussie actress couldn't stop her flood of tears during the ceremony. Moreover, she posted a Boomerang video on Instagram with husband's honor and was over the moon. 

One basic rule for a happy marriage 

As we can see above, these 5 rules are just the top ones. It doesn't mean they have nothing more to present, but the couple always shares one essential rule for keeping a healthy and stable marriage. 


Nicole says that they both enjoy their life in a 'very simple, quiet and nourishing' home in Nashville, and never prefer work over family. To keep their marriage strong, they agreed to keep work out of the house. 

Our favorite Aussies always text each other with love and sweet words when they are far away, understand each other in any situation, and stay beside no matter what. Simply put, they are relationship goals! 

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