Mariska Hargitay's Dad Was The Only Life-Saver To Help Her With Pain After The Family Tragedy

January 15, 2019 17:27

Mariska Hargitay is one of the most influential and talented actresses in show business, but her life wasn't as easy as it may seem. 


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In 1967, Mariska along with her mother, Jayne Mansfield, and 2 other siblings, got into the car accident. The horrifying collision claimed the lives of Mariska's mother, her lawyer, and their driver, but spared the future TV star and her two older brothers.


Though the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star doesn't remember much of that gruesome day, but her scar on the side of her head constantly reminds her of losing her loving mama. 

Vital lessons

We all need something or someone to ease our pain inside souls. Mariska's father was that life-saver, who taught multiple life lessons after the family tragedy. 

Emmy-winning TV star corroborates that it was her dad, Mickey Hargitay, who taught her how to cope with life's pain alongside launching a career as a successful actress. 


Moreover, the essential message from her father is never quit life, though it's harsh. So, Mariska pushed herself to do something when she didn't feel like pushing; she forced herself to be confident when she wasn't at all. In the interview to Closer Weekly, the actress says,

[If you] kick fear to the side, the payoff is huge.


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The beloved patriarch and actor, Mickey Hargitay, passed away at age 80 in 2006.

Painful road 

The leading actress, Mariska Hargitay, had a tough way to motherhood. After giving birth to a son, August, her husband, Peter Hermann and she, wanted to have more children, but Mariska was already in her 40s, so being pregnant and giving birth naturally could have been way too problematic. 


After a while, the couple decided to adopt some kids. Though the first hope was ruined due to the surrogate mother's refusal to give a baby to them, Peter and Mariska were devastated but didn't lose faith, and later adopted Amaya Josephine and Andrew Nicolas.


Now, Hargitay's life is blissful. She's grateful for a big family and everything she's been through. Now, she is a devoted wife, doting mother, and legendary actress. 

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